Fernando Knopf
Latin Power Productions is a world class Music Company specialized in high quality Music and Entertainment productions. With a unique combination, Latin Power mixes different influences of Latin and World music, Latin Jazz, Brazilian music, Salsa, Fusion, Chill Out and many more.

Latin Power Productions aims to present an alternative to Latin & World Music genres worldwide and brings its excellence to various types of production, matching the right characteristics to the determined audience, from big productions in Festivals and Theatres, to exiting shows in sophisticated Clubs and Venues, and even treating with the same quality every Special or Private Events.

Fernando Knopf is leading Latin Power Productions, with a vast experience in putting together groups of top Artists in the field, conducting musicians with a solid background, managing diverse international music and tour productions, in various regions and counties as: Argentina, Spain, USA, Israel, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Cyprus, Thailand and many more.

Contact us: +972-54-5481566


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